TS - Activity 3a

Design Brief

Description: http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/lessons/images/bullet1.gifReach For The Sky 

Design and build a model of a tall building that will meet the need for office and living space in a congested urban area.


Time: 10 class periods.

People: teams of two.

Money: none.

Energy: human energy.

Knowledge: principles of construction technology, principles of architecture and design.

Tools: Glue, Foam Board, Push Pins, Timber Cutter.

Materials: Graph Paper, Balsa Wood, Wax Paper.

Other Criteria

· Drawing on graph paper must be done before constructing the model. The drawing is to act as a blueprint for the model.

· The structure must have provisions to meet the forces of nature.

· The structure must have provisions to be ecologically sound.

· The structure must use less than 30 feet of Balsa Wood.

· The model of the structure must be built to architectural scale.

· Attention must be paid to aesthetics in design and construction.