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General Instructions (HELP)

Attendance log-in:
  1. Go to the link Seaford Middle Engineering and Technology Sign In Page click Sign In.
  2. Enter your username (firstname.lastname)
  3. Enter your password (student ID number, 3 zeros, and the letters et)
  4. When the Attendance Signin Page comes up scroll down in the window for the attendance form, enter the information requested.
  5. Then click Submit
Find an Assignment in Google Classroom
  1. Go to the link classroom.google.com and click on your class
  2. Assignments go from the bottom to the top (Assignment 1 is at the bottom, and Assignment 10 is at the top)
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate assignment and either click the assignment or the link to open the assignment.

Submitting Assignments in Google Classroom
  1. Make sure your assignment is saved to My Documents
  2. Go to Google Classroom and click on the Assignment to be submitted
  3. When that assignment opens there is a box on the upper left side that says "ADD" click on that.
  4. A box will open in the middle will be a blue rectangle that says "select file from my computer" click that blue rectangle
  5. If you saved your file to My Documents it will show up in box and you select it and click Open
  6. It will then upload your file and when it is finished the box labeled TURN IN will turn blue and you click that as well as the TURN IN on the box that pops up and you have submitted your file.
E-mail Attachments:
To attach a file to an e-mail: 
  1. Open your e-mail page.
  2. Click on Compose compose a new e-mail. Put in the e-mail address (for assignments use ghbowen@smsteched.net )  
  3. Put the assignment name in the Subject Line. 
  4. Then under the subject line you will find Attach File 
  5. Click on the Browse link
  6. Find your file in your My Documents folder
  7. Click on that file 
  8. Click Open.  
  9. Click Send to send your e-mail.